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15 Nov 2016 11:25 am
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I refuse to give the shithead and its supporters and other right-wing and religious extremists the power to depress me. The best revenge - resistance in this case - is living well.

Entertainment and laughter are good for mental and physical health. I have recently discovered the very funny Mike and Molly (real-looking people!!!) and am going through season 1. Victoria is wonderful; even Greg is enjoying it to his mild surprise. I'm catching up with Person of Interest and still watching Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, Big Bang (of course!) and the Aussie comedy-drama House Husbands. An icon reminded me that I need to finish Psych and also Chuck at some point. And probably some others that I let slip.

I've probably missed some out there, but I'm looking for recs for series I should have known about. The three comedies above were all recced by friends and I'm very grateful.

So, please let me know about clever comedies and entertaining series of other kinds; no graphic violence, vicious crime or torture, or terrorists please. They don 't have to be current or even recent.
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We just watched the Sherlock special and it was as superb as I expected. Excellent stuff!

And it's led me to reanimate an old idea.

Spoilers )

Not that I'll know till 2017 apparently. But I'd love to know what others think (so comments may well be spoilery).
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Ooh, this looks interesting! As are some of the comments: will there be a TARDIS in the background, will Sherlock see movement out of the corner of his eye while passing a graveyard with stone angels...

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I've been looking forward to this for so long, and it was fun!

Spoilery comments )
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First up, I should say that I haven't seen the latest ep; that'll be tonight.

Major spoilers! )
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I'm starting 6 weeks of mixed-media art class tonight which will be a change from the digital stuff I usually do. I have brushes, art paper, oil pastels, watercolour pencils, but do you think I can find my acrylic paints? I've looked everywhere I can think of, and I really wanted to do acrylics. Damn.

This also means that I won't see OUaT or Downton Abbey till tomorrow night. Not that I'm especially looking forward to the latter right now.

In other news I went to a place called 101Fitness in the weekend. They're not a gym with membership; you pay for 1-on-1 sessions (or 1-on-2 if you can convince someone else to go with you and split the costs, and I'm getting there with Greg) in private rooms, and you only have to go once a week which suits me. It's weight training with very slow reps, a fairly new method that keeps working throughout the week, and people have had great results. A friend recced the place. I'm not even stiff though I was slightly sore in the upper arms yesterday.

There's a big storm down in Wellington, probably on its way here. Eep.


4 Aug 2012 08:20 pm
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I got my hair cut today and on my way home I was behind Lucy Lawless in her car with the custom "1 XENA 1 Warrior Princess" numberplate. She was going to one of my local supermarkets which is odd because she doesn't live in this part of town.

We now have three gold medals which puts us 12th on the official medal table and ahead of Australia to their enormous chagrin; apparently at least one TV channel over there doesn't show us in the standings. We're first on the alternative table by population. :-)

The annual Food Show is on and we'll be going tomorrow (Sunday) first thing; it gets incredibly crowded after an hour or so but I like to see and try new products.

And it's not raining! I really like winter when it's fine and dry.

Our boarder is still with us. I should point out that she does pay board (hence the term), provides her own bedlinen and towels, and does her own laundry (at home in the weekend) but I can't see her finding a flat in a hurry, especially since her mother said one she liked was too expensive when it was standard for Auckland. I'm betting she'll still be here in summer. :-( She isn't a lot of trouble in terms of housework but people who aren't introverts (like her chatty mother) don't understand how stressful it is not to have your house to yourself. I do enjoy the weekends and the chance to do what I like and schlep around in old clothes but they aren't long enough.

Ooh, and I just saw the DW trailer on TV. They said "coming soon" which may mean that we'll see it shortly after the UK. Cool!

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Axle grease of a certain flavour
There is this black axle-grease stuff called Marmite that we like to eat (sparingly in my case) on toast or bread and it's different from the Marmite they have in the UK. Unfortunately. Because the only factory that made it is in Christchurch and has been closed because of earthquake damage. It will be months before they set up elsewhere and this news sparked off a panicked run on Marmite. Luckily we have an almost-full jar so I didn't bother. Telling people to eat Vegemite instead however doesn't cut it. It's a whole other flavour.

Weathery weather
It's autumn equinox though we never really got a summer this year; it seems like we went from spring straight to autumn, and this week has felt like winter. It's not cold but it's wet, grey, dark, and depressing, a preview of the long months of gloom unrelieved by any bright spots that is our winter. There are of course the usual floods and our house is leaking again. Sigh. It was surprisingly lovely last week though. I think that was summer (and I will post about Thursday tomorrow).

What new things has Vilakins been watching? My sister was saying how funny Modern Family is so we tuned in and caught one character telling another that "I could care less" meant he did in fact care a little. YES! Then they got onto the whole "literally" thing. YES! YES! We were in! We've been eating that program up at one or two a night. I adore Gloria, Manny, and Cameron to bits. My sister was right: it's a very funny show despite the title which had put me off. I do take exception to the "modern" though as each of the three family units has at least one child which seems pretty traditional to me.

We also started watching New Girl which recently started here. I like it; let's hope they keep it up. But what will they call it next season?

There was also the first ep of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency which I loved. It had some great lines, the only one of which I can think of right now is "You stabbed my chair!"

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I would watch this. Actually I'm almost tempted to write it.

Oh and re my previous post? The Soft Kitty came back into stock and I ordered it and the plush Enterprise. Yesss! [rubs hands]

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I enjoyed Sherlock despite having a couple of issues.
Spoilers )

That aside though, it was a vastly entertaining ride and I love the musical score. I look forward to the next two.

I also saw Tintin and enjoyed it a lot. Of course it was in 2D for me (since Greg can't see 3D and let me tell you, it was hard to find an evening 2D session). I liked that it diverged from the canon story because and added elements from other stories as then I didn't know what would happen next. I kept wanting to go back and watch bits again so I'll be buying the DVD. (And in other news on that score, we will be getting Blu-Ray capability in this house soon.) BTW that cat? Was so very Jasmin.

We also started watching Person of Interest, mainly because of Michael Emerson's presence in it. I rather like it; I'd rather see murders prevented than solved.

Last night we caught Eternal Law, a new British comedy-drama about angelic lawyers. Yes, lawyers who are also angels (not only a contradiction in terms, but I'd have thought a very limited way of helping people, but hey). I'm not too sure about this one yet but I figured that the British wouldn't get too soppy about the concept and they didn't. Plus, Samuel West! And Ukweli Roach is rather gorgeous and convincingly naive.

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It is new year's eve here which means that Sherlock is only a couple of days away so now might be the time to reveal a theory I have.

Pure speculation )

Um, what?

7 Nov 2011 05:49 pm
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Seen on [community profile] vintage_ads: the female urinal--and something called the Restal Receptor Bath (a bath in a shower). To both: why? (Maybe Vila didn't like the showers in the Liberator and wanted a bath to soak in, but it doesn't exactly look very capacious.)

There was something else interesting I was going to tell you but I've completely forgotten. Anyway, final Downton Abbey of the season tonight. I will miss it greatly but there will be a Christmas special. I'll take what I can get.

Do people think I'd like the A Song of Ice and Fire books or Game of Thrones? Tell me reasons I would or wouldn't.
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I'm guessing that West Wing is too classy to do clip shows, but sadly they draw the line on the wrong side of Very Special Episodes and I hate those just as much. I sat through the one with C J and her father because I thought that, you know, there'd be a B plot back at the White House, but no--and she didn't even finish her speech and there was no reason for her not to wind it up in few sentences. I want that 45 minutes back (and her father did say time was important so there's no excuse, WW). I had to watch a Mythbusters to clear my viewing palate.

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I kept forgetting to post, but the latest Burn Notice which I saw a couple of days ago? Has a guest star who may interest a couple of people at least: Patrick Bauchau!

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I kept forgetting to post, but the latest Burn Notice which I saw a couple of days ago? Has a guest star who may interest a couple of people at least: Patrick Bauchau!

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Ho hum. I am home, sneezing, snuffling and coughing, while Greg is at the neighbours'. They rang up this morning and said they were having people over and to come; Greg, thinking it was a World Cup cricket party (the final's actually tomorrow), accepted without consulting me. I'm rather glad I'm full of cold because I suspect it's her trying to sell the magic plant sugar stuff she's always trying to talk us into buying. It's not Amway, it's some other crowd whose name I can't remember, and even though I'm probably missing out on yummy Indian nibbles, she'd be telling me that her sugar powders and pills would cure my cold or stop me getting one in the first place. [googles] Oh yes, it's Mannatech and the stuff is "glyconutrients".

Anyway. I know I've been quiet lately, but then LJ has been for me too. I've realised that almost all my old B7 friends have either disappeared or moved on to other things in the last few years which has put a crimp in my fannish life. I do enjoy a lot of other series but I just don't feel like writing for them, or even reading much (with the exception of Sherlock for which the fanfiction I've come across so far is of enormously high quality).

So, what am I watching? )

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There are spoilers about the season finale under the cut.

Spoiler warning )

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While I'm on the subject of TV: OK, I know why US TV uses those damned 555 phone numbers, but is there some law that they have to show them to us? It's pretty easy to not tell us what a number is. Characters can write them down and give them to other characters, or look at a screen we can't see and say they have the number. How hard is that? But no, they always focus on the piece of paper, or the screen listing a person's details, or the phone records etc etc. It's like a bucket of cold water in the face, like telling us, "It's not real, stupid." Way to throw me right out of a show. NCIS is a particularly bad offender.

So I wondered: is there a law requiring them not only to use the 555s, but also to show us each and every phone number just to prove they all have 555 in them?

It makes me shout at the screen about the sloppy writing.

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I hear that the BBC is cutting the insults to Mexicans out of the version of Top Gear they sell overseas.

Ha! So it's not just people misunderstanding the robust British sense of humour then, is it? No, I didn't think so.

New telly

3 Oct 2010 01:36 pm
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There is new telly!

Has someone on The Big Bang Theory been watching The IT Crowd because "Have you tried turning it off and on again"? Bwahahaha!

The Simpsons had Gemaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords complete with songs and a Wellington Botanical Gardens failed joke. Plus gratuitous vuvuzelas. Cue more delighted laughter.

"Laughter" is however not a word associated with SGU, even though its sister series didn't lack humour or lightness of either the emotional or physical kind--yeah, you still can't see much on that multiply gloomy set. However I was glad to see that they got round a potential problem that had been worrying me.

Spoilers )

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Things I have enjoyed watching lately are Sherlock (I liked the on-screen devices they used and the updating to current day, plus the actors), Toy Story 3 (as fun and moving and gorgeous to look at as the others), The Big Bang Theory (I've almost seen it all so far; woe!) and a new local SF series called This Is Not My Life.

For those who live here )

And now back to a series many of you will have seen, and a question. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon hates Babylon 5 for its bad dialogue and science, yet adores Firefly despite Joss Whedon's complete lack of astronomy knowledge. Why? Why is Firefly more appealing to a physicist than B5 when it's basically cowboys in space? Is it just the love Americans have for westerns, or am I missing something? I enjoyed both series myself, but I'd pick B5 as being more SF.

[Edit] I also meant to ask: why do all the guys dress in layers when it must be warm in Pasadena most of the time? Is it an accepted nerd thing over there? Here it'd just be themed t-shirt and jeans or even shorts in summer.

I'm going to be sorry when I've seen all of TBBT; only two more eps to go. I'm going to have to buy the DVDs as they're just as funny on a rewatch.

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TV started in this country 50 years ago today, and we just watched a celebrity gameshow based on a lot of the people and the local and overseas programs on our screens since then. I don't normally go for gameshows (except for University Challenge and Mastermind, now sadly long gone) but this was a fun format to show a lot of clips from the past. The teams didn't take it seriously at all so it was a lot of fun, and I'm amazed that Lucy Lawless (who lives here now) could sing an entire KFC ad from 1975. Lucy's team won on audience applause, yay!

Another actor I was surprised to see turned up in an ad during the show. We usually zap them with the good old TiVo, but we recognised Matthew Fox from Lost and went back for a look. He's advertising an eye roll-on by L'Oreal (I googled it) which has vitamin C and caffeine to reduce bags. WTH? And here's proof it was him (mouse over the photos). And look, Evangeline Lilly is a 'spokesmodel' too. Jack and Kate, bwahahaha. Pity they never got Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson to do something as well: head depilatories for Locke and vitamin E cream for Ben's many facial scars perhaps?

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This is what I'm taking to the Lost finale party tonight.

Two mangos (which I found today), two paw-paws, two vicious hunting (well, kitchen) knives, and two packets of Dharma chocolate cookies. There's a DI serial number under each one using combinations of The Numbers. I was going to have a go at piping logos onto digestive biscuits but I decided this was a lot easier. We can have them with coffee from the ridiculously expensive espresso machine Greg's company bought.

Here are some very inventive Lost-themed cakes though.

I considered photoshopping (or GIMPing) my name onto this Oceanic flight ticket but we don't have a colour printer.

I'm not looking forward to getting there and back. It will be dark and wet and I haven't been to the new offices before. I don't like driving in the dark anyway, but get nervous when it's wet and I can't see any road markings. But it will be fun once I'm there.

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Dude. Only one sleep to go!

There are several other Lost fans at Greg's work, so he's organised a finale party in the boardroom there: big screen, comfy leather chairs, and pizzas. I'm bringing the episode, two large paw-paws (closest I could get to mangos, and they taste fairly alike), and a hunting knife. Well, one of my more scary-looking kitchen knives. Are any of you watching with others?

In the meantime, have some Lost links.

Lost's top 10 characters - a good list with an order I greatly approve of with some excellent comments about each character. They give the source at the end, but it's a lot easier to read on the LJ post.

An essay about being on Lost by Jorge Garcia (Hurley), published in Variety.

Lost stars on Star Trek - and some crossovery explanations. See a younger Terry O'Quinn as Admiral Pressman, Daniel Dae Kim as Gotana-Retz, an alien lost in time (who sings a little ditty about two minutes in), Alan Dale as Praetor Hiren, and others.

Lost bobbleheads and figurines (scroll down) - not that great a selection, and some odd choices in clothes and pairings. I mean, Kate and Ben? I'd consider the Locke and Hurley pair but dude, why is Hurley in his mental home gear?

Smokey gets his own spin-off comedy show - "Smokey's House": a heart-warming comedy at a California orphanage. I think he killed the camera person though.

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Scrapbook seems to be working again now, so I'll have another go.

There's been a big ad campaign here for the Steven Spielberg series The Pacific about the war there, probably because it all happened fairly near us and a lot of our people were involved. It started with a very good facsimile of a real letter written home during WW2 by a US marine being mailed out (with permission). I scanned the letter and envelope in because I found it interesting and moving.
Page 1
Page 2
The site's worth a look too (see link above). I voted for being in the Air Force and got 7/10 in the quiz. :-P

Then on Sunday (I'd have posted yesterday if LJ's Scrapbook had worked) they held a mock-up of a dogfight between two Kittyhawks and a Japanese fighter complete with anti-aircraft fire. We went down to Mission Bay to watch. There were so many people doing the same thing that we had to park about about a km away and walk. I have photos of this plus bonus traditional Fijian boats and an Art Deco house.

13 photos )

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We bought a TiVo today. OK, we've had TiVos since 2001, when I used one to make sure I didn't miss B7 when it was shown here in reruns at 6pm. This TiVo however has a bigger drive than the ones we installed in our UK TiVos--and actually has access to program guides. It's a pity Prime won't let TiVo have their programming, but we can use our Sky One box to record them. Either way, no more manually-programmed season passes that don't detect when programs are shifted. :-) Oh and wide-screen digital TV at last!

We can't order pizza yet on it, but hey!

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I'm loving the Sarah Jane Adventures, and just watched part one of this season's second story tonight. (And very intriguing it is.)

Casting spoiler )

Micro Men

14 Oct 2009 11:28 pm
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On [ profile] jhall1's rec, I watched Micro Men, a comedy-drama about Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry (Acorn Computers) and the rise and sad fall of the British personal computer industry, complete with a pub brawl involving a rolled-up newspaper. Man, Sinclair was a nutter. I don't know much about Curry, but Martin Freeman made him lovable just by playing him. He's still my pick for a new Vila even though he's starting to show his age.

And speaking of Vila, there was unexpected bonus Michael Keating! He was only in about three scenes at the beginning, but still. :-)

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We recently joined an online DVD mail-order rental company similar to the US's Netflix. We have a deal where you pay so much a month and can queue up and watch as many DVDs as you can, three at a time. So far we've been through Burn Notice season 1 (which I'd missed), some Aardman, and assorted films like War Games. I say that next we go for West Wing which neither of us have seen.

Which other series do you think we'd like? (No serial killers or occult stuff.)

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