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Once again ThinkGeek have done themselves proud. And you never know - some of their joke products have become real ones like the Tauntaun sleeping bag.

Steam-powered gaming cabinet. Well, it's really the controller I lust after.
Wearable interactive quest thingy. Look, this one could a possible future real thing.
Voltron cat condo. Just YES, YES, YES!
StarTrek Enterprise frisbee. This one actually shows as being in stock and according to the videos does fly. Hmmm.
Rosetta Stone Learn Klingon.  Qapla'!

NERF nuke. Mutually assured destruction is right. Do you want to play a game? How about thermoNERFlear war? Fun video!
Eye of Sauron desk lamp. Maybe for a colleague or two.

360° selfie rig. Nuff said.
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A naive soul posted this question on Reddit. The answers are hilarious and, um, mostly untrue; I spent half an hour laughing like a maniac at them. Brilliant, wonderful stuff, and it'll give you a good idea of our sense of humour, culture, and what those childhood summer holidays were like.

This totally made my day.
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I don't have much to say about my life as it's very humdrum and samey and I can't even easily go anywhere interesting unlike most of you. However I've accumulated some links for you.

Two Auckland cats
Merli has decided in his old age to move to a bus stop.
Oscar the cat burglar nicks socks, even from kids' shoes at the local school at playtime.

Alice X Zhang does gorgeous fanart: Virtuoso, Study in Pink, Ghosts (Sherlock and John). There are more, plus art for Doctor Who and other fandoms in her gallery.
And Nichola Battilana put the 221B living room in a tiny tin. There's even a minuscule skull.

Star Wars
I want this for my car, even if  the decals don't go with the LIBR8R numberplate. There are some other good ones linked in the customers also bought section.

Star Trek
TOS cats. Only three, but hey.

Elena Shumilova lives on a farm in Russia and takes lovely, atmospheric photos of her children with animals.

Beach art
Andre Amador does beautiful and intricate  beach art with a rake.

Cool links

4 Dec 2013 07:22 pm
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Brrrr. It's gone from hot and muggy summer back to early spring: wet and cold.

Anyway, here are a couple of links I liked which are a different sort of cool.

This guy colours in his kids' drawings while on business flights. It's amazing what he can do with them. I'd love to see more.

And here are the 12 types of Doctor Who fan. I'm not so certain about this one. I don't recognise the first type, but number 2 and 3, the Tennant and Smith fans, made me laugh. As for the fanfic writer, I wouldn't be surprised if there are several stories like that out there. But what have people got against Martha Jones? I know I'm missing out on the Capaldi sweary jokes because I've never seen The Thick of It.

Finally, building guides for Lego tree ornaments; scroll down a little for the SF ones which include a TARDIS, Death Star, Millennium Falcon, and tie fighter. Click on them to see the building guides if you're likely to have the Lego to make one. :-)
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Look what I found today: a Zombie Survival Challenge that's run at Muriwai (not far from Auckland). It looks very cool: you make up teams of four and they arm you with Airsoft guns. The instructor's a guy who used to be in our air force. I bet [ profile] astrogirl2 would be up to it if she lived here.

[ profile] imhilien, maybe an idea for a Stella Nova outing? It's pretty new; it only started last month.
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Oh but look what I found on AO3: a vid done to one of my favourite songs, Space Girl by The Imagined Village, and containing clips from some of my favourite fandoms. Many of them in fact! (And look who's in the still!)

And this is a very cool animation to the same song. [listens to song two more times]

OK, g'night!

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I seem to have got out of the habit of posting. I certainly avoided it last week when Sebastian went missing for two days because I couldn't handle talking about it, but he came back on Wednesday night. He was a nervous and hungry so I suspect he was locked in somewhere and that Jasmin knew where he was because she kept meowing at us. She didn't go so far as to lead us to him Lassie-like though.

So we have now decided to lock them in at night when we go to bed; they should be able to handle that and learn that they can't get out if we're asleep. We used to round Tessa and Claudia up in the evening when they were younger but we now have a smart cat door that will allow them out at daybreak if we sleep in in the weekend.

To reward those who read this far, have some links.

From xkcd: What If: answering your hypothetical questions with physics (and maths) every Tuesday. There are only two questions there so far; get in at the beginning! LJ's feed is [ profile] whatifxkcd and DW's is [syndicated profile] what_if_feed.

This cat feels that today's the day.

The debut display from the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Farnborough Air Show 2012 just last week.

Princess Leia kissing Chewbacca 1977-83
: behind the scenes shots.

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Here are some links I've been accumulating for a while as you can tell by the first one.

Luke and Leia find the perfect father's day card

A cat and dog who meet each day for a walk

A baby on a swing with a cat as big as him; awww

The scientists who found the Higgs boson used the wrong font! I like the comment someone apparently made on Twitter: "If you don't like the font, go find your own fundamental particle".

One for [ profile] quarryquest: a hamster discovers the usefulness of a phone

A German artist paints a bridge to look like Lego

Iconic images recreated with 'Star Wars' characters

And this one for [ profile] sallymn (though 'Zugzwang' isn't unusual ro anyone who plays chess): Illustrations of unusual and rarely spoken words

'Yonderly' describes me quite well these days. :-P

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And here are the links I mentioned, collected over the past weeks and presented in chronological order.

I'm all for the local campaign to stop kids smoking, but putting the messages on the back of school buses really didn't work that well.
One ad that misfired
And another

Some really cool yarn-bombing from a group of crocheters: the solar system.

Huge cats in tiny boxes - you know how they are. I have photos of Ashley in her birthday box, but in her case the sizes are reversed.

Snake on a plane! I love the last comment: "Until we find the snake, it's not good for business."

Self portraits in the Flemish style - an artist who whiles away long flights taking photos of herself in the loo with paper towels.

Cats imitating art - well, not really. I think they just looked for photos that matched a painting, but the three odalisques and the last two amuse the hell out of me.

South Miami Beach retirees 1982-85 - I love this: wonderful, wonderful characters enjoying life. The 4th one could be my grandfather complete with hat, and the woman blowing smoke out of her nostrils reminds me of my (now dead) keen smoker Aunt Joy; that's even her hairstyle.

Spitfires found in Burma! This is huge news for those of us who love old planes (and especially those so obsessed as a kid they were nicknamed Spitfire...)

And for the DW-fan crafters among you, a TARDIS shawl.

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I tell you, the Retronaut site is almost as good at eating up my time as TV Tropes because each page has more tempting links to follow and it's hard to break off and surface.

Here, in no particular order, are some favourites )

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I would watch this. Actually I'm almost tempted to write it.

Oh and re my previous post? The Soft Kitty came back into stock and I ordered it and the plush Enterprise. Yesss! [rubs hands]

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First of all, today (Friday) is the birthday of Buzz Aldrin, Tom Baker, and DeForest Kelley (making it two doctors, no, three since [ profile] astrogirl2 tells me Buzz Aldrin has a PhD). Many more good years for two of them anyway!

And here are two geeky plushies from thinkGeek which I rather fancy. Why yes, I've put my email in to be notified of when the first one is available again.

A soft kitty that sings the Soft Kitty song (from The Big Bang Theory)
A plush Enterprise which will go with my plush Kirk and Spock :-)

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A power company here has been running a series of ads in their "same power, different attitude" campaign in which despots, pols and generally bad people are depicted as AU versions of themselves in a better, kinder world.

The first one I saw was a peacenik Nixon with afro on the local bus stop, and I have to say it worked: I was intrigued as I drive by, enough to find out who the company was. Over this year they've also done:

And this one which made me laugh out loud with delight when I saw it.

(click for big version)

Of course they've been told to cease and desist by Lucasfilm. Pity. Do they know about this rather similar free postcard from Europe though?

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In the news today: a seal pup wandered into a home via the cat door and made itself at home on the couch, not at all fazed by the resident cats and dog. The house owner thought she was hallucinating and called in a neighbour who, yes, says the words in the subject header. Here's the article complete with seven photos. Eventually the DOC (Department of Conservation) put the little guy in a net and a box but that didn't stop him; he escaped into the front seat and turned the radio on. Maybe he hoped he was on the news.

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I finally have a new PC, all black and silver! It took so long because Greg held out for a new model that's just been released. It took much of the weekend to set up with my old files and a lot of the stuff I use, but I'll have to buy a new version of Photoshop Elements if I want that, and I still need to reinstall a few things like Artrage. We now have a scanner and printer again (because they're attached to my computer) and my graphics tablet works; yay!

I really like the new keyboard too, and I hadn't realised just how bad my mouse's scroll wheel had become. Windows 7 and Office 2010 have a lot of nice features too. I'm fairly impressed.

Anyway, some links!

First up, some wonderful SF NASA posters in the styles of Star Trek (with added Space Station), Reservoir Dogs, The Matrix, the Ocean films, superhero comics (vrooom!), Indiana Jones, Star Trek (2009), Harry Potter, and more, even Snoopy. Seriously cool!

This one's for Sherlock fans: [ profile] karadin made a Sherlock birthday cake complete with edible John and Sherlock!


7 Apr 2011 12:17 pm
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While I'm composing my next post (just wait!), have a couple of seasonal links:

Comic: How to dress on the Ides of March

Video: What if Moses was on Facebook?

And a bonus one:

Article: Auckland Hospital's own Dr House (though she's a lot less snarky)

Actually that one reminds me of one of my mother's friends (my favourite one) who was put in a mental home years ago because they thought her illness was psychological. A new young doctor there happened to have read about myasthenia gravis as a student and did the Edrophonium test on her; she could immediately raise her arms above her head. She's had to take drugs for the rest of her life and can't drive, but that doctor changed her life which is now normal and very happy.

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Ahahaha, go to ThinkGeek while they still have them up and see their April Fools joke products! They include among others:

- the original Plate Shirt
- the edible gummy iPhone cover (check out the flavours; they include fish lips)
- De-3D cinema glasses - watch in the magic of 2D!
- Star Wars Lightsaber popsicles
- Playmobil Apple Store playset (with optional queue)
- Minecraft USB desktop Nether Portal
- for your Easter needs, the Chocolate Zombie Bunny
- Dharma Initiative alarm clock
- Tribbles 'n' Bits Breakfast Cereal (free Captain Pike action figure in each box)
- Wireless Extension Cords

The product pages are even funnier. Click and crack up!

Some of their joke products in the past have become real items due to demand, like the Tauntaun sleeping bag. :-)


10 Aug 2010 04:59 pm
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I've been posting mostly art lately. It's time for some links.

Virtual tour of a steampunk house - very cool indeed.

Eleven only wore it for a short time but you can buy a fez from Marrakesh at ScifiCollector. :-)

And remember that dark apple I found in a bag of Royal Galas? Well, it was indeed a different type: crisper and sharper. I kept the pips and may have a go at growing them.

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For various reasons I don't want to talk about RL, so have some links snurched from various people.

Cricketing authors - how cool is that? To quote from the linked review:

Peter Pan’s First XI is a study of JM Barrie and the cricket team of dazzling literati (and not quite so dazzling sportsmen) that Barrie ran haphazardly for over 20 years.
PG Wodehouse was a useful batsman; Jerome K Jerome was rather better at idling; AA Milne liked to watch it even more than to play it; and Arthur Conan Doyle was prodigious: a superb all-rounder who played 10 games at first-class level for the MCC.
Telfer’s narrative of the team’s travails allows for pleasant asides about [...] the influence of the sport on the literature of its day. Hook, as in Captain, is obviously a cricketing term; Sherlock, as in Holmes, was a conflation of two popular 19th-century county players: Mordecai Sherwin and Frank Shacklock.
Remember my puzzled query about so many Americans knitting dish and wash cloths? Well, Lion Brand's weekly newsletter now features a wash cloth of the week.

Purr Avon, or a cat looking rather like him.

MRIs of fruit - these are gorgeous and intriguing, and well worth waiting for the images to load.

Albanian sworn virgin custom - how a very sexist and traditional society allowed women to live and be accepted as men. Hell, if they had that custom here and now, I'd have gone for it as a kid, though I think the women had to replace a lost male. The article includes interviews with several men born female. Absolutely fascinating stuff.


10 Jul 2010 07:11 pm
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What do you get if you cross Hello Kitty with Star Wars? These cute little guys! They remind me of my potato-head Darth Vader and stormtrooper. :-)

Poor Paul the Octopus. He's getting death threats for his "predictions" and now they've even got Paul recipes. Octopuses have eyes very like ours; I looked at the flags he's had to choose between and my theory is that he likes red and yellow and dislikes blue and green. I do wonder if his predictions have an effect on superstitious players though; very likely. Well too late: he's made his flag choices: Germany over Argentina, and Spain instead of the Netherlands, which are actually the results I'd like to see.

OK, another World Cup reference: a LOTR gif featuring... a certain non-musical instrument. :-P Bwahahaha, the look on Aragorn's face!

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I went to the Nosh gourmet supermarket today, and they had chocolate soccer balls (though the normal pentagon-hexagon kind, not the weird Jabulani ball)... and a chocolate World Cup.


I mean, how could I resist? I've put it away until the day. :-)

The ones on the right are chocolate with a creamy filling, and I think the ones on the left are solid chocolate; I haven't tried them yet.

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Some links. I suppose I should make a hairy great Terminal link icon, but this one is of a beautiful Amur leopard which does match the first link and shows you what an adult looks like.

Adorable Amur leopard cub. She looks so astonished at the world in the second photo. :-)

And now for some from the How to be a Retronaut site which [ profile] zoefruitcake told me about.

Smiling Victorians - candid shots of happy Victorians.
Colour film of 1920s London - fascinating stuff. It's amazing how much more real and immediate the past looks in colour.
Coloured stereo views of Japan from about 1895 to 1910. They're meant to be used in a viewer, but they've animated the two views to give an idea of the 3D effect.
USB Typewriters for a steampunk keyboard! And speaking of that, Steampunk stormtrooper!
Classic photos redone in Lego. My favourites are the moon walk and Maradona's 'hand of God'.

For more of the past in glorious colour, feast your eyes on these amazing photos of the Tsarist Russian empire which I posted about a few years ago; click on the links in the Exhibition Sections. One of my favourites for its stunning colour is The Emir of Bukhara in the Ethnic Diversity section.

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The knitters and crafters among you may be interested in these huge animals knitted by Lion Brand for the Crafts and Hobby Association Show this year. There are some great photos on Flickr showing the design, making, and finished items--look at them via slideshow to see them full-screen. There's a lion (of course!), a bird, a snake with gorgeous markings, and an argyle giraffe which I know one of you will especially like. ;-)

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This is cool! The Scientific American reports that an astronomer, Dr Megan Argo, announced the detection of a supernova in a distant galaxy by writing a Doctor Who story in her blog about Ten and Martha observing it: Doctor Who and the Silver Spiral. It's not that long, it's very informative, and the voices are pretty good! She did the artwork too. :-D

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I've finally convinced Greg to go to Avatar with me tonight. We can't see it in 3D as he's as one-eyed as Travis and Stark, but we've booked the luxury seats where waiters bring your food and drinks and coffee. :-D I'd love to see it in 3D though.

I've also booked our holiday, squeezed in between Greg's work commitments and my web design course. We didn't get one last year, so yay!

And while I'm here, have a cool link: The Invisible Man. This guy paints himself to match his background. It's quite an eerie effect.

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For those interested in buying the Book Seat mentioned in my previous post, they have contact details for Australia, NZ, the UK, and the US on their site. There's also a colour range if you want to get a particular colour; see the bottom of this page.

I should add that the Book Seat is very light and hardly adds anything to the weight of the book. There's also a pocket on the back for glasses, mobile phone, or a snack bar or whatever you like, though I haven't used it. It could be useful for when you're reading outside; actually I have yet to try it in the hammock. :-D

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We went to Whitcoulls bookshop last week so that I could spend some vouchers. I rarely buy books unless I know I'll reread them, so I looked at DVDs. There again, unless I want to watch them more than once, I'd rather rent them. I did fancy Doctor Who: War Games, and would have bought it too, but it was twice the price of the other old Who serials there--and two thirds the price of a whole season of new Who. So I wandered around disconsolately, wondering what I could use my vouchers on. I was sniggering at a book of Barack and Michelle Obama paper dolls when I saw it.

The Book Seat.

I've got a lot of use out of it already. It's a great design which holds a book firmly and still lets you turn the page easily, and I use it on the table when eating and on my lap. It stops my hands getting sore when holding up a large book for hours and I can drink tea and read. :-)

Let Vic show you how it works )

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Here are some things I've greatly enjoyed recently.

This one was on UserFriendly: a photographic record of a Russian's tour of North Korea with his friend Alexey and two official Korean guides, referred to as "the girls" or "the ladies". It's a fascinating look at a country I don't know much about.

This is very clever and funny: Pride and Prejudice in emoticons Thank you, [ profile] azdak, for the link. :-)

And finally, a beautiful and moving Hanukkah story about Snape: The Friday Box.

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Last night at Apollo 13 - Mission Control was absolutely wonderful--better even than I'd hoped!

First we went to the Middle East Cafe which has been there for ever (well, since 1980 according to their sign) and still makes the best falafels in town. It's a tiny place you have to go to early to get a table, but it's worth it: absolutely delicious falafel and salads. And lots of camels; the owner has been collecting them since the place opened, and they had carved ones, plushies, crockery, puzzles, two large Rinconada ones, jade ones, huge ones on their on shelves, tiny ones--and a biplane. Of course: it was a Sopwith Camel. :-D We even had camel-shaped biscuits with our coffee.

Apollo 13 - Mission Control )

On to some photos (all pretty small).

See me on the moon! See my console! See what I made! )

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