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This is based on another one of [ profile] quarryquest's lovely photos of her new home town Lowestoft posted a couple of days ago. This is the beach, a photo that attracted me with its simplicity and peace. Done in Artrage.

Lowestoft beach )

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This is another cat I bought at a charity second-hand fair. Greg didn't like her much because of all the flowers painted on her but I thought she'd look lovely outside. She sits by a terracotta pot on one of the decks, shaded by trees. I did her in isolation though because she's so fancy, and she was hard to draw with her features obscured by her blackness and the floral painting. Done in GIMP.

Painted black garden cat )

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I could not resist the photo [ profile] quarryquest posted today of Lowestoft Lighthouse. Done in Artrage, with the lighthouse's texture made by squeezing virtual paint out of the tube then using the palette knife on it. :-)

Lowestoft Lighthouse )

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This is another go at painting something from our garden in Artrage. The white camellias are nearing the end of their blooming but the pink ones beside them are still in bud, so I used a photo I took last September or so as reference. Incidentally one of the favourite cats' games is chasing the fallen buds we throw for them. :-)

Pink camellia )

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I went outside for inspiration on this beautiful winter's day and decided on my Bastet / Bast statue. She sits near my sundial and my Roman statue on the deck, an elegant little thing. (And now she's reminded me of two other cats in the garden I could draw.) Done in GIMP.

Bastet statue )

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Even though my sister texted me this morning to say she'd ring "this arvo", she didn't (she's easily sidetracked; probably met someone in the supermarket and talked their ears numb) so I had plenty of time to finish my current book, have a nap with cats (Jasmin and Sebastian) and do some art.

I had a look through my holiday photos for something not too difficult and found one of a sunset on Lake Taupo. That looks easy, I thought, most of it being silhouette. Not so; it took ages and three different attempts with Artrage media (oils, delete, watercolours, delete, oils again) to do the water and sky, and even so it's not at all well blended. But it looks somewhat like the original. And yay for the discovery of the "dirt" sprinkle tool which did the leaves again in no time. :-)

Taupo sunset )

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I didn't have much time today so here's another glass-coaster flower. I've run out of work and won't be working tomorrow and maybe Friday either so I might have time to do something more ambitious. Though my sister wants to phone me which will take out a couple of hours. [rolls eyes] It's always text or phone with her; she won't use e-mail because it hurts her arm (smashed badly a few years ago) yet texting or holding a phone doesn't? I've considered buying a hands-free set for the landline to use when she rings. :-P

Anyway. Flower.

Frangipani )

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Today I had a go at doing Ashley with her lovely eyes. They were the easy bit; her fur markings were hard. I do tell her she's a living work of art.

Ashley )

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I didn't have time to do anything more than this, and anyway I wasn't happy when I got home (working in a part of town with no legal all-day public parking finally resulted in the inevitable ticket).

Anyway. Someone, I can't remember who, wanted to see what my hairstyle looks like, so here's as much self-portrait as I'm willing to do. :-P

Chibi me )

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[ profile] linda_joyce wanted a drawing of her dogs, and anyway this is a sort of welcome home for Kandi who went missing but was found again.

Linda's dogs, Saffron and Kandi )

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I cast about for something relatively simple to do today and found a photo I took about five years ago of Paihia beach in the Bay of Islands.

Paihia beach )

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Another fast glass-coaster flower. I was going to do kowhai (see icon from an early naarmamo) but the yellow wouldn't contrast well with the gold outlines so I did kakabeak which is similar in shape. In fact it's from the same family and is called kakabeak because it looks like the beak of the kaka parrot.

Kakabeak )

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It's Sebastian again. He's easy to draw because he's just black with a few grey highlights. I gave him a stylised green background with touches of gold (care of Artrage). I'm not sure if it's just him or all black cats, but he carries his tail curved over his back, like the Rinconada cat I draw a couple of years ago. :-)

Sebastian on green )

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I spent far too long on what was supposed to be a quick one, and I'm still not happy with it. This is one of the weird bright pink, hard and plastic-looking fruit our magnolia grandiflora came out with in April and May. I googled images and it seems we had very regular-shaped, beautiful examples. They're now on the ground looking like withered deflated black rugby balls. :-P

Magnolia grandiflora fruit )

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This is one of a pair of matched hand-painted ceramic cats. It has similar colouring to the lizard so I wonder if that's a traditional style. The cats come from Tonala but the lizard just has "Mexico" underneath.

Mexican ceramic cat )

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This glass-coaster flower is for daiseechain who asked for, yes, a daisy! :-D I thought the white petals needed a touch of colour so I used lilac and pink.

Daisy )

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About two years ago I took a photo of Jasmin up on the top shelf with the cat plushies I have there, and a couple of months ago I found Sebastian up there, so I thought I'd draw that tonight. It took me longer than the poppy field yesterday, but I took a while to get the middle plushie right (they're in a different order and lacking one or two after clumsy Jasmin forays up there). :-P Well, as right as I could get it. I used a GIMP brush in an attempt to simulate the texture which didn't quite work but it's better than it was.

One of these things just doesn't belong )

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It's the weekend: more time to do naart but I didn't think I'd manage it today as I went to sleep in an armchair with Jasmin curled up on my lap. However this took about an hour. It's based on [ profile] quarryquest's beautiful photograph and done in Artrage's virtual oils. I used a few techniques I learned using real oil paints in two classes I did last year, and I definitely think oils or acrylics are my thing rather than watercolour.

Suffolk poppy field )

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Two more woman of Stargate: Vala Mal Doran and Sam Carter of Stargate SG-1.

Vala and Sam )

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I was short of time tonight and decided not to post the picture I drew because I wasn't happy with it so I did another painted-glass flower because they're relatively fast and easy.

Hibiscus )

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This guy sits on our coffee table and is about 35cm long (over a foot). He's Mexican; I bought him at the local Mexican cafe which also sells imported goods.

Ceramic lizard )

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Tonight it's two women of the Stargate: Teyla Emmagan and Elizabeth Weir from Stargate Atlantis.

Teyla and Elizabeth )

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Here's a pohutukawa flower to match the iris I did. So now there are two glass coasters. :-)

Pohutukawa flower )

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I've drawn Sebastian and Ashley, so here's Jasmin, making all three of my cats.

A ball of Jasmin )

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I've done two of my little wooden Thai cats in past years: the blue one and the wooden one. Here's another one I bought for $1 at a charity garage sale.

Orange cat )

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I thought I'd have a go at Artrage's virtual watercolours which I'm not very good at. They behave like real ones and I kept making a muddy mess, but layers help a lot with that (as does the undo).

Ashley on our sundial )

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This is probably cheating because I didn't do this all today--far from it in fact. Still, I spent a couple of hours finishing it off today (things like light, shading, general polishing and tweaking) so I'm counting it as daily art.

This is a long-overdue charity artwork for [ profile] executrix who asked for a desktop picture of Simon Tam and Kerr Avon playing chess. I did it in colour just in case and also did the lilac-washed version [ profile] executrix ordered. She got the full size; here are smaller versions.

Simon and Avon playing chess )

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I didn't have much time today so I played with the virtual media in Artrage. I dunno, think of it as a design for a glass coaster. Or something.

Experimental iris )

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