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It's not really a banner, but it does show I did [ profile] naarmamo. I thought I'd play with some of Artrage's brushes, media, and templates (the "PASSED"). :-D

Completion banner )

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It's the last real day for [ profile] naarmamo; tomorrow we have to make our own completion banners. This is also the final SF ABC; I've finished! :-D This is the best I could think up and draw for this letter.

E is for earthling )

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I thought I'd draw Emma Peel from The Avengers and Ms Parker from The Pretender (who was slightly based on Mrs Peel) for [ profile] naarmamo today. I'm not that happy with it but I'm not doing anything else now. I played with the background, thinking I'd go for a 60s-style op-art effect but in the end a fairly plain one looked best.

That's Parker in the icon. I must make an Emma Peel one.

Peel and Parker )

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It's the penultimate SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today! Finally I thought of something interesting for "orbit". Now I just have to think up something good for E (earthling, energy beam, whatever).

O is for orbit )

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What I was going to do today for [ profile] naarmamo didn't work out, so here's Ashley. It's based on a photo I took of her sitting on the deck steps. The grass is cheaty Photoshop grass.

Ashley in the grass )

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It's back to the SF ABCs for [ profile] naarmamo today. I wasn't looking forward to this one but it wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be once I got started.

T is for time travel )

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I picked two favourite female characters from Glee for [ profile] naarmamo today. They're the wonderful Mercedes Jones, who doesn't get anywhere near enough solos (her "I bust the windows of your car" is magnificent) and the love-to-hate cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester who would probably win gold in the snark Olympics even against House and Avon.

It took me ages to get her expression right.

Mercedes Jones and Sue Sylvester )

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Another SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today. I have three letters left, and though I have an idea for each (energy beam, orbit, and time travel), I'd welcome other suggestions for E, O, and T in case they're easier to depict. :-)

B is for bug-eyed monster )

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I decided to draw two gorgeous and very capable woman today for [ profile] naarmamo: Abby Sciuto and Ziva David from NCIS. I'm only about 8 episodes into season 3 and so far Abby doesn't like Ziva for not being Kate, but this may change I hope so. I adore Abby, and I like Ziva a lot. She's tough and funny.

And happy birthday to [personal profile] blencathra! I hope you have a great day. :-)

Abby Sciuto and Ziva David )

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Another SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today. I think it's the last fairly easy one too. [worries]

W is for wormhole )

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For [ profile] naarmamo today it's a Thai wooden cat, not as stylised as they usually are but still with that fairly distinctive arched look (see the blue one I did last year). It's slightly carved around the eyes and tail, varnished, and painted. I also have a set of three black and gold ones.

Thai wooden cat )

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My three-day headache got worse today (I think it's sinuses) and when I got home with Jasmin, I went to sleep for the rest of the afternoon with her curled up on my lap. I still feel rather crap. So I needed something very simple for [ profile] naarmamo, and this vase is, though it's hard to do highlights on white. I bought this for 10c from a garage sale because it looks Art Deco, but it's actually more modern than that, I assume. It's Japanese, stamped underneath with "JAPAN" and three kanji characters. It took less than five minutes which was all I was up for, but it gives an idea of its simple design.

Deco-style vase )

And now I'm off to bed.

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Another SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today. I've had a busy day, I had to go out this evening, and I've had a headache for two days, so it was a very quick one.

C is for comet )

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Today for [ profile] naarmamo I thought I'd do something quick and easy: what we now call Vic's mini-me (see why in this photo). I don't know where I got this. It looks fairly old and well-handled so I must have bought it at a garage sale for no more than 50c because it reminded me of Vic.

Vic's mini-me )

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It's another SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today. Meh. I'm not that happy with it, but I like the Kk. I drew a whole other one with only bits of a kraken seen through two portholes, but it didn't turn out at all the way I'd imagined so I decided to start over, which meant it had to be fast as it's getting late here.

K is for kraken )

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I felt like doing something different for [ profile] naarmamo today. so here's Kari Byron of Mythbusters. I felt like doing her red-and-yellow hair and a typical outfit (though I'm sure she hasn't really worn green polka dots). :-D She's a fun subject.

And yay, halfway through!

Kari Byron of Mythbusters )

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Another SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today. I considered doing a certain dome from SF, but it's really more a huge domed building. This city is one I know well, but in the bright colours of a happy future.

D is for domed city )

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A bonus naart for Friday the 13th (which it still is in some places)! This is what I should have posted for [ profile] naarmamo; I am slow. This drawing however was very fast (10 minutes) since she's a cat of almost Japanese simplicity. She looks like marble (I have a matching white one with dark streaks upstairs) but she's made of marlstone which is rather like soapstone in feel.

Black marlstone lucky cat )

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Considering the date, I should have done something Black Friday-related for [ profile] naarmamo but I couldn't think of anything, so here's another of my cat ornaments. I bought this elegant cat a while back, then my brother, who had never seen it, gave me a vase done in the same style and colours. It was hard to get the parts where it was wrapped in straw in the kiln right, but this gives an idea of what it's like. It's 23cms / 9' tall and stands by my Art Deco lady who's about twice the height.

Straw-fired clay cat )

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It's another SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today; I have to do two in a row twice to fit them into the month, and I promised a couple of people I'd finish the alphabet.

Y is for yeti )

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It's another SF ABC for [ profile] naarmamo today, one that wasn't too hard to draw. :-)

U is for UFO )

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For [ profile] naarmamo today, I draw another of my Rinconada cats (remember them from last year?) This is a tiny grey one a friend gave me, not metallic and shiny like the others, but with an almost matt surface, scored to look like fur. She has a shiny bow and tail tip though.

Grey Rinconada cat )

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For [ profile] naarmamo today I decided to have a go with Artrage's oils. A few weeks ago [ profile] linda_joyce took a lovely photo of her neighbour's window and window-box and kindly said I could use it as the basis for art this month.

Also, happy birthdays to [ profile] reapermum and [ profile] vandonovan. :-)

Window-box )

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It's another SF ABC today for [ profile] naarmamo. It was going to be a galaxy, but they're not exactly SF since they exist, so it's that good old staple of space opera, the galactic empire.

G is for Galactic Empire )

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For [ profile] naarmamo today it's time to play with Artrage 3 since I've now sorted out the tablet problems it was having. Last night Jasmin jumped up into the bookcase above the fridge (as she often does) and went to sleep there. She looked so cute I went to get my camera, but of course she woke up. The photo was cute enough to have a go at drawing though.

And a happy birthday to [ profile] bramblyhedge! I have you have a great day. :-)

Jasmin among the books )

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Today's entry for [ profile] naarmamo is another SF ABC.

And a happy birthday to [ profile] zoefruitcake who already has a Smart car. ;-) Zoe, I hope you have cake and an excellent lunch out.

F is for flying car )

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I didn't have much time today so I wanted to do something fast and easy for [ profile] naarmamo: fruit including the plum-dark apple I posted photos of here.

Two apples and a lemon )

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Today's entry for [ profile] naarmamo Art Making Month challenge is another Science Fiction ABC.

Artrage 3 borked my tablet settings and I only realised today after a reboot that as well as proper cursor positioning and automatic eraser, I had also been missing sensitivity. No wonder I found the faces on Day 1's ABC (insects of unusual size) so hard to do. I'll have to contact Artrage because though I have version 2.5, 3 has some extremely cool features including watercolour and a lovely technical ink pen, and I want to play with them. :-(

Anyway, on to another ABC. Today's letter is N.

N is for Nessie )

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