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It's the last day of [ profile] naarmamo and here's my completion banner. I got the idea from looking at our newish fence which needs painting.

Completion Banner )

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The last real entry for [ profile] naarmamo is a pair of fat little cats I bought from a Thai cafe which also sold a strange assortment of imported stuff. I was just going to buy one but I decided they came as a pair. They're not Thai as that's a different alphabet. I thought they were Chinese, but googling seems to show more hits for Japanese maneki neko. So far I haven't seen any like these though.

[Edit] It turns out that they're Chinese; thanks, [profile] jaxomsride. A lucky cat museum site has yellow one from Taiwan with a gourd from the same range. :-) Here's what it says about her:

YELLOW cats beckon for good health, stability, & good marriages.
One of my bestest feel-goodest cats! Everything about this guy says "HAPPINESS". He's bright yellow (for "wealth") with colorful detailing, holds a crystal ball (a symbol for "purity") & also a lucky gourd (for "longevity"). His smile & body language are right on. 2.5" (6.5 cm) tall, painted ceramic. ID: Embossed in an oval beside his tail is "Kao / Miao Chuang". Purchased new from Taiwan.
One of mine has that oval which I'd never noticed before; the other has a butterfly in an oval. "Miao" BTW is a Chinese name; I had a friend called that. I think "kao" just means clay.

And look: two more yellows and two orange ones, different again!

They're a good choice for today as the orange one looks as if she's waving goodbye. They're supposed to bring good luck and wealth, but so far they haven't worked. :-P I like them anyway. They make me smile.

Lucky Cats )

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I wasn't feeling well for some of the day and also had to go out, so I cast about for a quick subject for today's [ profile] naarmamo. This is an ornament my brother gave me a few years ago, a lovely smooth golden thing made of some sort of smooth shiny stone with tiny little mottled marks on it. It didn't look right till I found a suitable brush and added speckles in a darker and a lighter colour.

[Edit] I have been told that it's a Kenyan soapstone loop, hand carved, and sold by Fair Trade. This makes sense because my brother's bought me other beautiful things from the Fair Trade shop.

Twisty Thing )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo entry is another Art Deco Blake's 7 one. A friend and I were saying that Cally's Bounty coat would make a great Art Deco outfit, but when I looked at it, I found it was really just a spotty anorak. This is not good enough. Cally deserves better, so here she is in a proper coat.

Art Deco Cally and Coat )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo entry is another in my cat collection. I have some more Indonesian and Rinconada cats, but I was looking for something different, and chose this glass cat.

Glass Cat )

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It's another science fiction ABC for today's [ profile] naarmamo because I didn't leave a lot of time and it was easy.

V is for Vortex )

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Since I already did two of Ashley by herself, today's [ profile] naarmamo drawing is Jasmin.

Jasmin )

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Today's entry for [ profile] naarmamo is the science fiction ABC I failed to get right yesterday. I couldn't draw an alien I liked, and even the human wasn't working. I had another go today, and this time it came together.

X is for Xenolinguistics )

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I spent about an hour trying and failing to draw something else for [ profile] naarmamo and gave up, so here instead is Ashley curled up in a ball and giving me a knowing look. :-)

Ashley )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo drawing is another quick one because I've been out (unwillingly) for most of the day and I'm going out this evening.

Decorated Gourd with a History )

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Today for [ profile] naarmamo it's two more Rinconada cats, a calico and a tabby.

Rinconada Cats )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo is by request. I have a cat collection; Greg has a (much smaller) lighthouse one including a wooden one he bought in Bulgaria. He wanted me to draw the newest addition, so here it is.

Ceramic Lighthouse )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo is another of the Blake's 7 women in Art Deco style--this time Servalan!

Art Deco Servalan )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo drawing is another in the science fiction ABC series.

P is for Planet )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo is a quick-and-dirty one because I didn't have much time. I spent most of the day out, then most of the rest of it dealing with photos and writing a post about the amazing evening out I had last night at Apollo 13 - Mission Control (see the previous entry). Then Greg wanted to watch some DVDs with dinner so I thought, what can I draw in 5 or 10 minutes? I know: that blue glass vase! And it really only took that long.

Blue Vase )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo is another Art Deco Blake's 7 one, done this afternoon. I've just got back from an awesome night out at Apollo 13 - Mission Control (where I did things!) but I'll post about that tomorrow. :-D

Art Deco Cally )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo is a Rinconada cat, the first one I ever got, and still my favourite. Rinconada is a Uruguyan maker of the most wonderful animals--have a look here-- and I have a few others: a calico, a tabby, a tiny grey cat, and a white tiger cub.

Rinconada Cat )

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It's another in the science fiction ABC series for today's [ profile] naarmamo entry. Alternate title: Drinking Tea While Weightless.

Z is for Zero Gravity )

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Someone suggested drawing the women of Blake's 7 in Art Deco style, so I had a go at it for today's [ profile] naarmamo entry.

Art Deco Jenna )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo art is of the flowers I had a go at yesterday and gave up on. They're one of the few that bloom in our garden in winter, and there's just this one clump on a little potted tree on our deck.

Flowers )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo art is a quick one of a pair of cat ornaments (since my attempt to draw some flowers in the garden didn't work out). These little guys are matt white with a partial multi-coloured glaze, and sit on my filing cabinet. I bought them at a craft market, seduced by their sweet faces and pretty colours.

Glazed Cats )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo art is a portrait of Kirsten, one of [ profile] kalindo001's original characters.

Kirsten )

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Today's [ profile] naarmamo entry is Ashley, a quick and dirty one because I was out most of the day, then went out for dinner. She was sitting on the deck like this today, just like one of those stylised cats with the curved tails that kids draw.

Ashley )

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Here's another in the science fiction ABC series for [ profile] naarmamo today. 100 points if you can name the spaceship, though I bet only one of you can. :-)

H is for Hyperdrive )

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For [ profile] maarmamo today, inspired by [ profile] vjezkova, I decided to draw one of the many cats I have around the place. This is a painted wooden cat from Indonesia who sits by the TV and is about half the size of this picture.

Blue Cat )

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Someone suggested I do a visual version of the [ profile] b7friday weekly challenge for [ profile] naarmamo. This week's challenge is soap opera, so I did...

The Young and the Rebellious )

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Once again I didn't leave myself much time for [ profile] naarmamo, so I had a go at a vase I bought a few years ago, attracted by its Art Deco look. It's black and cream, painted in black and metallic gold paint--and in much finer and less wobbly lines than mine!

Art Deco-style vase )

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This is another in the science fiction alphabet series I started during last year's [ profile] naarmamo.

M is for moon )

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I was casting about for something to draw for the [ profile] naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge, and decided on a pale green glass lizard I have, with inlaid diamonds of paua shell. It wasn't very easy as there are strange highlights, even in the shadows under it.

Glass lizard )

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