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Nico ([personal profile] vilakins) wrote2017-06-02 11:47 am

Whitestone City

Oamaru has three major attractions: steampunk (see next post), the old Victorian Precinct and other beautiful whitestone buildings like the Opera House. A new tourist attraction, Whitestone City, opened a couple of weeks ago and they held a free open day for locals. It's an immersive experience with lots of things you can do.

The penny-farthing carousel for kids (and the occasional adult).

Shop stocked with old items


Schoolroom; map is 1928 IIRC

School teacher; she's wrong though

Facing the other way from the other desks, the dunce's one

Dining room

Drawing room

Assorted games: hobby horse, croquet, and marble; I loved marbles as a kid. We had the ordinary clear ones with a coloured twist in the centre, prized "American marbles" which were all coloured glass, and one large "bomber" which was dropped to try to smash the opponent's marble ot send it out of the ring.

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