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Nico ([personal profile] vilakins) wrote2017-05-19 11:59 am

Autumn in Oamaru

I just discovered how easy it is to use DW's image hosting instead of mucking about with Flickr to extract URLs, so I'll be making more pic posts.

It's late autumn here and at the weekly farmers' market they had carved pumpkins - the first I've ever seen in RL.

Farmers' Market on a lovely crisp day

Pumpkins at the Buttie Truck; these ones got first prize

The coffee truck's pumpkin which got second prize. I included the teapot-shaped paper weights as Sue the owner collects them and I was able to show her the one I discovered I had.

A father feeding his little boy some pasta. This is from the organic Hasta la Pasta truck which I love but isn't here again till spring. :-(

Dot's Castle, about 20 minutes out of town near the wonderful restaurant Riverstone Kitchen from whose gardens I took this. Dot Smith is a retired farmer who fulfilled her lifelong dream of owning a castle. It's taken her years to build, but it's getting there. Find out more here.

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