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Nico ([personal profile] vilakins) wrote2017-01-11 06:39 pm

LJ problems

Is anyone else failing to see comments even though there's a > 0 count showing? I haven't had problems with LJ till now, though I know others have. And damn, I now find I can't even select an icon.

While I'm here, is there anyone I follow who would rather I subscribed to them on DW? I've added a lot of people to my circle over there, but have only added them to my default filter if they said they prefer DW. I daresay that's changing as several people have said they're moving.

Let me know if you are, plus your DW ID if it's different.

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I've been having similar problems just lately, ugh.

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I've been having the same problems.

I can't remember if we're reading each other over on DW, but I rarely look at it anyway.

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Then I'll keep reading here. It's just that lots of people (mostly Americans) are fleeing due to the servers being in Russia.

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When you are in the UK the US is just as foreign as Russia as a location for servers.
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Hear hear!

The whole thing drives me nuts -- LJ was sold to Russia a decade ago, ffs. The move of the servers isn't going to make any difference except in the minds of the pearl-clutchers.

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I know. I have no idea why the panic, but if people are moving, I'll subscribe to them on DW. I'm certainly staying.

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I've not had that problem but a couple of times now I've not been able to access my friends list, things aren't quite right

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I've had your problem too. It comes up with a "502 Bad Gateway" error, which leaves me none the wiser.

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I have only some problems here and there but like you, I am on DW for every case. I activated the crossposting but I am not sure if the works.

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Comments seem to be back! Do you look at DW, because if not I'll keep reading here.

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I donĀ“t look at DW as far as LJ works. Stay here with me, please.:-)
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[personal profile] trixieleitz 2017-01-13 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
I tend to prefer DW, but I think we are already mutually connected there, too. I do still crosspost, when I post at all.

The concerns about the server move relate to Russia's stellar record *cough* regarding privacy, freedom of speech, and human rights in general. Apparently, there are some journal owners (mostly Ukrainian, I think) who have been very outspoken against Putin et al. and no longer have even the minimal safety that locating the servers outside Russia gave them.

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I'm hardly ever political so it doesn't affect me. But the freedom of speech thing became a problem for Russians and others once they bought LJ out. Are Americans afraid that posting about shitface (as I call the Shitler) will also be a problem?

[Edit] I changed my filters to read you on DW rather than here. :-)
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[personal profile] trixieleitz 2017-01-13 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
I haven't heard any concerns from the US side.

I think there were some US laws that gave the anti-Putin bloggers a bit of protection while the servers were physically in the US. Those laws won't apply now.

I imagine there were good operational reasons for the move, but I have no insight into how things are run there now.