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Nico ([personal profile] vilakins) wrote2016-11-22 06:32 pm

Victorian Festival - Sunday Fete

This Roman me icon has given me ideas for next year which will include that wig and necklace and should be cooler. The striped jacket I wore was far too hot in the sun.

Sunday was the fete held in the Victorian Precinct which was closed off to cars. I only spent three hours there in the afternoon so I missed a lot of the street entertainment - check out these excellent photos on Facebook to see more than I did (plus more parade photos).

I can offer Morris dancers for [personal profile] watervole, acrobats, and Queen Victoria with a difference.

First up, me as a hypochondriac in a boat - cross-dresser #1

My friend Ayla

Spectators at the stone sawing

Competitors had to saw through blocks of Oamaru stone (a limestone), what our Victorian buildings - and my house - are made of

Women competitors

The explorer, cross-dresser #2, did well but didn't win.

The queen and duke. She's so familiar - I know her from somewhere but it totally escapes me.

And now we come to a magnificent Queen Victoria, cross-dresser #3

Morris dancers

Steampunk Morris dancers

A nice family shot

The Twisty Twinz...

... who did acrobatics on stilts

and managed to fold themselves into that box


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