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Victorian Festival - Saturday parade

The sun came out for the noon parade though it was raining in the morning. Oamaru weather, you finally came through!

Pipers led the parade. There were a lot of Scottish early settlers in Otago. That's Steampunk HQ in the background with the zeppelin.

Oamaruvians in Victorian costume. The spectator on the right is my friend Andrea, waiting to join people she knew when they came past.

The theme was medicine, so some dressed to match.

One of the penny-farthing riders. You can get lessons but I'd be certain to fall off like one guy did spectacularly in the race which was held later.

Steampunk contingent!

More steampunkers

I'll be with them at the steampunk festival in June; leather's too hot for late spring.

The Wizard of Christchurch and another wizard - possibly a chosen successor? - followed by various vintage vehicles

Like these ones

Steam-powered vehicles

More penny-farthing riders. Last week they had a tour of the Taieri Plain and there were races later in the day.

The queen waves to her subjects. She and her duke were totally the wrong era. See my next post for Queen Victoria herself. :-)

In the evening I went to the murder mystery dinner which was great fun. Most of the diners/audience were in costume and the people at my table were very friendly. The teenager beside me thought I looked like the 5th Doctor, hence the icon. :-) I took a photo of fellow diners but it didn't come out; that's been happening lately. The phone gets a new SD card tomorrow.

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